Student Council

Student Council elections took place in November 2021. The candidates all gave great speeches and made wonderful campaign posters.

In Phase 1 we had 9 candidates

In Phase 2 we had 17 candidates

We are very proud of all the students who stood for election.

All Phase 1 & 2 Students had the chance to vote. The results have been counted & verified.  The campaign winners and who will represent Talbot School as Student Councillors are listed below, click on the names below for more information.

  • Tom Frodsham – Year 7
  • Tia Gilchrist – Year 8
  • Layton Holmes – Year 9
  • Imogen Rawlinson – Year 9
  • Lucas Deakin – Year 10

Well Done & Congratulations

The student councillors have a very important role in school;

  • Student Council meets approximately every 2 weeks and students take turns to chair the meeting. Student’s feedback from meetings to Year Team assemblies.
  • Students are responsible for representing the views of all Talbot students.
  • They are role models and promote good communication within the school.
  • They contribute to the development of school policy.
  • They support school sporting, cultural and curriculum activities.
  • They are involved in interviewing new staff.

Below are links to the candidates election campaign posters that were displayed around the school.